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Confidence, Creativity & Power ~ Root Chakra Opening Necklace

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We wanted to create something that looks great, has symbolic value and reminds you of what is important to you. Thats why we chose these special ingredients as part of our necklaces.

Building your Confidence, creativity and power is often associated with your Root Chakra. Accomplishing these goals will take a commitment to do the inner work involved, have the proper mindset, intentions and beliefs. 

Wearing this necklace will serve as a symbol and reminder of that work you have set out to accomplish in your life.

The flower in this necklace is a 100% real, dried "star daisy" and the stones are red jasper.

RED JASPER - Increases life force or pranic energy and will stabilize the aura as it creates a better energy flow within your energy field. It aids healing within the liver and may assist you to detoxify, as well as healing blockages in the bile ducts.

Its action takes the energy from the base chakra and grounds it to Mother Earth. It creates a strong connection to the earth and this is very helpful for emotional equilibrium and spiritual grounding. Red jasper gives deep insight into personal difficulties and gives you a strong sense of stability. This stone is also a powerful aid to the process of raising the kundalini (also known as activating all of your chakras).

RED governs the BASE chakra situated at the base of the spine. It represents VITALITY, COURAGE & SELF CONFIDENCE. Red relates to self awareness. It is the area of survival and stability and your place on this earth. The color red provides the power from the earth and gives energy on all levels, especially in terms of harnessing our true power and creativity. It connects us to our physical body and makes manifesting our dreams possible. Everything that is to be commenced needs the life vitality of red.

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